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  • 1. Is it possible to generate a substantial income with OneCoin?
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    Juha Parhiala

    Yes, as of mid-2016 the top earner, Juha Parhiala in Bangkok Thailand, is making $4 million monthly from his affiliate network marketing business with OneCoin, so you know there is a substantial income opportunity. Following are mid-2016 statistics:

    1. 8,000 members earning a maximum monthly income of $160,000.
    2. 2,500 millionaires from OneCoin price increase.
    3. 320 millionaires from referral commissions.

    By joining the OneCoin team, you not only get the best online training and support on how to profit from OneCoin Digital Currency, but moreover you position yourself in an unlimited revenue generating program, providing you with all the tools you need to succeed. Many network marketing industry experts believe the compensation plan to be one of the most lucrative in the entire industry.

    Our training and marketing tools, combined with a solid and strong educational product, enhanced by an outstanding compensation plan, is why today's visionary entrepreneurs are joining the OneCoin Digital Currency team. We are committed to make you successful - and will provide all the support you need to grow your OneCoin Digital Currency team and business.

  • 2. How quickly after starting can I expect to receive income?
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    Realistically, that depends entirely on you and your expertise, personality, approach, leverage and credibility, comfort level with Digital Currency, the quality of your contacts, and other factors. That said, you should see income within 2 weeks of your referrals making their purchase; commissions are paid in EUR every Monday morning and will show up in your OneCoin Cash Account (60%) and Trading Account (40%).

  • 3. What is the OneCoin business model?
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    Network marketing is the means of popularization and distribution. Many network marketing industry experts believe the compensation plan to be one of the most lucrative in the entire industry. OneCoin is the first Digital Currency that is developing due to network marketing distribution, which provides constant capital raising, as a result the price and demand for the coins rises quickly. The company redirects its profit to the bonus rewards of the participants who spread the concept providing the additional motivation. Those who have a negative opinion regarding the network marketing always stay in a passive role who earn on the growth of the coin or on the exchange.

  • 4. How to make money fast with OneCoin referrals?
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    There are 6 kinds of active earnings with OneCoin:

    1. Personal Referrals
    2. Network Bonus
    3. Matching Bonus
    4. Startup Bonus
    5. OneLife Point Bonus
    6. Leadership Program

    Personal Referrals

    For your personal referral you receive a commission aka bonus in an amount of 10% from the package that the person purchased.

    Network Bonus

    OneCoin uses the most widespread system of network marketing – binary. When registered, partners are placed in your left or right leg. You decide where to place the beginners. You receive 10% of the BV volume, accumulated in the weak leg. When the binary bonus is activated, the sum of points of the weak leg is burnt from the both legs, the rest of the points in the strong leg do not burn and continue to work until the next bonus activation.

    In order to earn from the network bonus regularly, it is necessary to keep your left and right legs in balance.

    Matching Bonus

    Matching bonus – a percentage of the binary income of the partners in your partner network; paid weekly based on the bonus from the network. Depending on the package and the status, you may earn a matching bonus for 4 generations up to 25% of your team earnings. To qualify for receiving the matching bonus, you should be on the package Trader or above, and you need to have a personal sale on the package Trader in both left and right legs. In order to earn with OneCoin it is not necessary to develop your own network, but it can become a big plus.

    Startup Bonus

    The more popular that OneCoin is, the greater the value of this Digital Currency. In order to keep a positive attitude of the partners, the company pays an additional 10% from all personal package sales. The only condition is that you have to generate a BV volume bigger than 5500 EUR. The bonus will be paid to your mandatory Trading Account. By making the Digital Currency more popular, you create a better future for you and everyone else, and receive rewards from OneCoin!

    OneLife Point Bonus

    OneLife bonus points are paid out daily.

    Leadership Program

    Active top leaders are eligible for awards and recognition. Be a part of the leadership program. The company will reward you for the hard work and outstanding results. Every 3-6 months a special promotion is held, giving you the opportunity to join the team of leaders. The awards will be very interesting and will change each time. It may be gold, watch or even a car. Anyone can become a leader, but besides the talent and skills, aspiration is also needed.

  • 5. Is this pyramid selling?
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    No. The compensation to Members is based solely on purchases of education packages, and not on the mere recruitment of other Members. There are no monthly fees or monthly autoship requirements.
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