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  • 1. What is Mining?
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    Mining is the transformation from the sub currency (mining tokens) to the OneCoin Digital Currency. When you submit tokens to the mining feature this is processed through advanced mathematical algorithm, which basically are mined by powerful computers by solving complex mathematical algorithms. Algorithm solving – is a long chain of letters and numbers. If the right combination of numbers and letters is found according to the algorithm, the new coins are created passing to the owner's OneCoin Account. The more OneCoin coins are mined and users are involved in mining, the more complex the mining process becomes and requires more time. The maximum coin amount of any Digital Currency is limited and depends on the complexity of the used formula.

    According to the algorithm every Digital Currency has a limited (finite) amount of issued coins. As mining gains popularity, it engages more and more people which leads to a more complex task in the controlling algorithm. This means that every subsequent coin is mined with greater difficulty than the previous, thus requiring more computer processing power and electricity. 120 billion is the maximum number of OneCoin to ever be mined.

    Mining 101 - 12 minute video

  • 2. Do I need to install special software for mining?
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    No, you just need to subscribe to mining, which is included with each education package purchase.

  • 3. How long must I wait for Coins to be mined?
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    As of October 1, 2016 the expected time to get coins out of mining is 3-7 days.

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