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  • 1. What does the OneCoin owner receive?
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    1. Weekly Newsletter. Newsletters with updates on events and important news are sent weekly.
    2. OneAcademy. OneAcademy is an innovative e-learning platform covering a broad range of financial topics including trading, the stock exchange, cryptocurrency, financial analysis, asset management and more. Our mission is to provide our students with the guidance and educational materials they need to achieve financial literacy. Our 6-level program, developed by finance experts and academics, is highly-structured and easy to understand. Learn at your own pace and be part of the future of global finance.
    3. OnePay. OnePay is a unique payment solution for easily accessing and transferring funds electronically. Accessible from any location in the world, the world-wide payment network, proprietary payment platform and global payment solution ensures payees that they receive their funds in a timely and cost-effective manner. OnePay is a trusted payments technology and a service provider to top-tier organizations across multiple industries. Payees enjoy the benefits of quickly receiving their funds and the ability to choose payment methods that are most convenient for them, including local bank direct deposit, branded prepaid cards and more.
    4. OneCoin Exchange. The OneExchange has been launched in a basic version to introduce OneLife members to the basic transactions of buying and selling Digital Currency. Only KYC approved customers are able to participate on the Exchange, which is driven by supply and demand. The OneExchange will be open for everyone, once OneCoin goes public.
    5. One Forex. Based on an award-winning platform, OneForex will be a unique marketplace for traders with all levels of experience. It provides retail investors with 24-hour access, five days a week to foreign exchange markets. OneForex will be the first exchange where you can trade your OneCoins against the worlds' major currencies. With OneForex, even a novice will be able to trade and invest like a real professional.
    6. CoinCloud. CoinCloud is a business app solution, developed for a wide range of devices. It benefits all OneCoin clients, who are looking for a top security solution for storing sensitive data, along with the opportunity to privately browse the Internet in one simple, brilliant app.
    7. One World Foundation. The OneWorld Foundation is committed to bringing positive changes to childrens' lives. We believe that all children should have the chance to live up to their potential and develop their knowledge and skills. Our hope is that by supporting educational and social projects for children and the communities they live in, we will help even the playing field for future generations.
    8. Mining Subscription. Each member receives a free subscription for mining tokens that allow you to convert the tokens into OneCoins.
    9. OneCoin Account. Each member receives OneCoin Digital Currency coins as a result of mining the tokens, which are placed into member's eWallet. Once acquired, each member is free to do whatever he/she wishes with the OneCoin; they do not belong to nor are they controlled or managed by ONECOIN.
    10. Cash Account. When you receive a bonus, 60% goes to your Cash Account, which can be converted into the national currency. Gift certificates (Gift Code), Aurum Gold Coin coins, tokens and OneCoin can be purchased from your Cash Account, or money can be transferred to the debit card OneCard, wallet OneWallet or your personal bank account.
    11. Trading Account. When you receive a bonus, 40% goes into your Trading Account aka Mandatory Account. These funds are used for buying tokens and OneCoins from the exchange. When you buy token from your mandatory account, these tokens are frozen for 30 days.
    12. OneLife Network. OneLife Network is a network-marketing company with a strong mission to deliver engaging and life-changing products. We inspire our members through strong leadership and education on a full spectrum of team-building initiatives. Our Independent Marketing Associates are rewarded for their efforts in building a strong affiliated sales force through one of the industry's most easy, dynamic and lucrative compensation plans. The OneLife Network has the chance to mine the coin, use the coin and benefit from both the value of the coin and the wide range of available OneCoin products.
    13. Referral Commissions. Through an affiliate network marketing business model, you can receive lucrative referral commissions by sharing with family and friends the opportunity to learn has now opened for you to be part of the next big winner in Digital Currency, OneCoin. OneCoin Digital Currency provides a once in a lifetime opportunity, only available privately through a strict by invitation basis, providing you the knowledge you need to succeed in the world of Digital Currency.

      By joining the OneCoin Digital Currency team, you not only get the best online training and support on how to profit from OneCoin Digital Currency, but moreover you position yourself in an unlimited revenue generating program, providing you with all the tools you need to succeed. Many network marketing industry experts believe the compensation plan to be one of the most lucrative in the entire industry.

      Our training and marketing tools, combined with a solid and strong educational product, enhanced by an outstanding compensation plan, is why today's visionary entrepreneurs are joining the OneCoin Digital Currency team. We are committed to make you successful - and will provide all the support you need to grow your OneCoin Digital Currency team and business.

  • 2. What is a Token?
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    Along with the education package, each registered user receives free mining tokens, the amount of which depends on the education package purchased. You can also purchase additional tokens, which can be used for mining coins. Tokens are distributed for partners to gain profits directly from the purchased packages. You can trade them on the exchange OneExchange and practice before trading the Currency itself. Short-term investors earn on the split and the subsequent sale of tokens. Tokens may also be used for coin mining. The more tokens you have, the more you can participate in coin mining. Coin mining, measured in tokens, becomes more complex with time.

  • 3. What is a Split?
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    The number of mining tokens double with each split, similar to a stock split. The price for tokens is constantly growing thanks to the increase of package sales and payment of the commissions, and split occurs so that the partners who are coming later could participate in the business on equal terms and could receive the same amount of tokens when purchasing packages and buying tokens from the mandatory account. If there was no split then the company would have to regulate the amount of tokens in packages every 2-3 months, otherwise the business would stop being profitable for the old partners. Once a certain number of new partners is achieved, the company makes a split of tokens. This means that the amount of tokens on your account doubles! Split is needed to ensure that newcomers can participate in the business on equal terms.

    Every account can split up to 3 times. Example: You buy a starter package. It splits once. You upgrade to Tycoon. It will split two more times. You buy a Tycoon package. Account splits 2x You buy a starter package. It splits once. You upgrade to Trader. It will split again once. You upgrade to Tycoon – the account will split only once more, as every account can split up to maximum three times.

  • 4. What is a gift code? How do I create one?
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    Gift codes can be created under the SHOP menu item on the left hand menu. They can be used to upgrade packages. You must have cash in your cash account or coins out of escrow to purchase membership gift codes.

    To create a gift code, go to SHOP and pick the membership level you want. Remember, if it's a brand new account, there is a 30 euro activation fee involved. Once a membership is selected, the next page will ask how you plan on paying. Select, cash account or coins. You will then need to enter in your transaction password and submit.

    Exit out of the SHOP tab and then go back into it and at the bottom of the SHOP page, you will find your new gift code. To the right of the code, it should notify you that is it NOT USED, meaning not redeemed yet. Once a code is used, the username will be displayed next two the code. Here is a video on buying a gift code from your cash account.

    How To Buy A OneCoin Gift Code With Your Cash Account - 4 minute video

  • 5. What is the OneAcademy?
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    OneAcademy began as OneCoin's primary product and service, and is the educational online-platform consisting of 7 levels. To educate people about Digital Currency and its role in the future of the global payment systems becoming more digital and even countries tending more and more towards being cashless. The number of levels a user has the ability to access is based on the OneCoin package that they have purchased. The OneCoin package gives the person the opportunity to experience the process of mining Digital Currency, buying and selling on an exchange, learning about a blockchain and a lot more information that is associated with the Digital Currency marketplace.

  • 6. What is the OneExchange?
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    OneExchange is an internal OneCoin exchange where members can monetize knowledge gained at the OneAcademy, sell and buy tokens, gain profit. It is possible to sell and buy OneCoin at the current rate; the price of the coins is set by the market's natural supply and demand curve. OneExchange can be an additional source of income!

  • 7. Why didn't OneCoin list on a public exchange from the beginning?
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    At first the coin will be traded in the internal private exchange. When 70-80% of the coins are mined, we will output OneCoin to a public exchange. When entering the public exchange it is necessary to publish not only the Blockchain but also the coin code itself. Until we do this, only our partners are able to mine the coin. After publishing the code and entering the open area, anyone will be able to mine the coins and the advantage of our partner program will immediately disappear.

  • 8. Can we transfer OneCoin from wallet to wallet?
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    Yes, your OneCoins are transferable; you can send and receive coins through your OneCoin dashboard! This allows OneCoin to be used as a form of payment among the community of those who accept its value! This also opens the door for people and businesses OUTSIDE THE NETWORK to participate in the sending and receiving of coins! That's right! You can help a person or business set up an account for FREE, then transfer coins to them!

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