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Purchasing OneCoin Education
Table of Contents

  • 1. How do I decide which education package to purchase?
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    Once you are educated and comfortable, with the help and guidance of your sponsor team member, you begin by opening a free OneCoin Rookie account. Your purchase of the most appropriate education package will be guided by your sponsor team member, and should be based on your available funds to make a purchase, your intent, and the results you wish to achieve.

    The earlier you acquire OneCoin, the greater the benefit you will receive, as you will purchase the coins at a relatively low price, which will grow with time, meaning that the coins will become more expensive, and consequently their purchasing power will increase. You might want to just purchase Digital Currency passively, and observe how it will grow in value, and decide not to get acquainted with the additional possibilities of greater earnings in this system with the associated business opportunity.   You are highly encouraged to participate in the online education program you purchased, along with the attendant study materials.

    Education Packages

    You can participate in the project with 9 different education packages, from Free to 110 EUR to 188,000 EUR. This paid up sum is used to purchase the appropriate level of education desired with accompanying free mining tokens (the mining right), which in turn are used to mine OneCoin, whereby you convert tokens into actual OneCoin.

    Activation costs 30 EUR in addition to the selected package, and this amount includes business profile, access to a personal online cabinet and all the necessary information to begin the participation in the OneCoin project. With the subsequent upgrade of the package there is no additional activation fee of 30 EUR.

    The data table below illustrates results of splits with regard to tokens and coin value.

    *Purchases are made in EUR and do not include fees for activation, bank wire or currency conversion.

    **Mining difficulty (125), coin market price ($14) and special promotions are 3 variables that determine Coin Value after Token Splits and Mining (2nd Quarter 2017).

    The combination education packages offering 2 splits or more are the best value yielding lowest price per coin.
    Education Pkg Price* Splits Tokens Coins Coin Value** Price/Coin
    Rookie €0 0 0 0 $0 $0
    Starter €110 1 2,000 16 $229 $6.88
    Trader €550 1 10,000 80 $1,144 $6.88
    Pro Trader €1,100 1 20,000 160 $2,288 $6.88
    Executive Trader €3,300 1 60,000 480 $6,864 $6.88
    Tycoon Trader €5,500 2 240,000 1,920 $27,456 $2.86
    Tycoon+ Trader €7,500 2 327,272 2,618 $37,440 $2.86
    Premium Trader €13,750 2 600,000 4,800 $68,640 $2.86
    Infinity Trader €27,500 2 1,200,000 9,600 $137,280 $2.86
    Supreme Trader €188,000 2 7,555,552 60,444 $864,355 $2.86
    Tycoon/Tycoon+ Combo €13,000 4 2,269,088 18,153 $259,584 $1.80
    Tycoon/Tycoon+/Premium Combo €26,750 6 18,676,352 149,411 $2,136,575 $0.95
    Tycoon+/Premium/Infinity Combo €48,750 7 68,072,704 544,582 $7,787,517 $0.25
    Tycoon+/Premium/Infinity/Supreme Combo $255,000 7 309,850,368 1,528,690 $21,860,274 $0.09
    Palindrome Supreme Coop Share $3,500 7 7,539,761 29,550 $422,565 $0.12
    Palindrome Supreme Coop Share $500 7 627,676 2,460 $35,178 $0.20

  • 2. What are Splits and how do they affect my ability to make money with OneCoin?
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    Your main objective should be to acquire as many OneCoins as you can, as fast as you can. Two very important keys to making money with OneCoin are (1) Users and (2) Splits.

    (1) Fast growth of member Users. OneCoin is growing faster than any other company in world history. It is the only company to ever do over $1 billion in actual revenue its first year, and amazingly just 3 months later achieved $2 billion, and to top that, $3 billion in revenue in just over 2 years. The greater the number of users who join the OneCoin community, the greater the demand for OneCoin, and the greater the price. Stability of coin value without wild fluctuation is just as important as price appreciation, and OneCoin has been steadily increasing in price and brand value since its inception.

    (2) Token Splits. The company wants OneCoin to be very successful, but very rapid growth in the very beginning is not always good, because the coin could be priced too high too quickly for the intended users, and defeats a primary goal of banking the unbanked. Therefore there is an opportunity of Token Splits, and a subsequent doubling of your Mining Tokens and Coins! When a certain number of new member users join the OneCoin community, the company makes a split of tokens, which happens approximately every 60 days. This means that the amount of tokens in your account is doubled! The highest level combination of education packages split up to 7 times, compounding the increasing value very quickly.

    The net effect of these Splits is an opportunity to acquire OneCoin at deeply discounted wholesale pricing, in fact, for as low as $.12 per Coin instead of the retail price of $14, a savings of 12,000%!  However, these invaluable Splits are expected to go away second quarter of 2018, when both the OneCoin Company and OneCoin Digital Currency both go public in an international IPO and ICO respectively.

  • 3. What are the growth opportunities with OneCoin?
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    ONECOIN is growing faster than any other company in world history. Of 800 global Digital Currencies, OneCoin is the largest Digital Currency by number of users and market capitalization. OneCoin is not only leading and revolutionizing the Digital Currency world, but helping to disrupt the entire world of banking and financial services. For these and many other reasons, OneCoin Digital Currency is on track to be the next Bitcoin, which is why OneCoin Digital Currency is referred to as Bitcoin 2.0, and expected to skyrocket in value over the next 3 to 5 years. During its first year of existence in 2015, OneCoin increased in price an average of 21% per month. That fast rise in price is expected to slow to 5% per month during 2016 and beyond.

  • 4. How do I evaluate and manage the risk of purchasing OneCoin education?
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    Education is key, you should never purchase or commit to anything unless you are comfortable with the risk versus reward. This is why OneCoin offers OneAcademy, the only online education available for any Digital Currency. Until you are educated and informed and comfortable, it is recommended you begin at the lower levels of risk that consist of the less expensive education packages. When you are more comfortable, then you can always upgrade your existing level of educational package at a higher price, yielding more tokens and subsequent OneCoin.

    Users of OneCoin consider it to be low-risk/high-reward, because no one has yet to lose any money. Ask the person who referred you to this website for education, understanding and support before making a commitment to the purchase of a OneCoin education package. If you don't understand something, ask questions, educate yourself, get comfortable. If you can't get comfortable, then don't purchase. But remember, while you are in doubt or are researching, the price of OneCoin continues to grow, and you are losing potential benefits!

  • 5. I am interested in purchasing OneCoin education without network marketing. I don't have the time or any interest in recruiting friends or family or sharing with anyone else. Is this possible?
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    Yes. Most members purchase OneCoin for the sole purpose of benefiting from the increasing OneCoin value over time. Network marketing is not for everyone. Earning income from referrals is an option available at any time. Should you decide you would like to explore the option of earning income from referrals, see your sponsor, who will be helpful in answering questions, training and support. There is no purchase necessary to get started, or any commitment to make monthly purchases.

  • 6. Can I join the OneLife Network without purchasing an education package?
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    Yes, you can join the OneLife Network without buying any of the education packages. Simply sign up for a free Rookie account. If you are a hard worker, you can earn promotional tokens without spending any money at all. You can earn “BV points” from a personal purchase to qualify for promotional tokens, or take the opportunity to invite people to the OneLife Network. You earn 25% BV on all their personally-purchased BVs – and can easily qualify for promotional tokens. For example, you can join the OneLife Network for free – invite four friends who personally purchased a Trader package – and you qualify for the number of promotional tokens as a Trader yourself.

  • 7. As a member of the OneLife Network, how do I qualify for promotional tokens to mine OneCoin?
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    The OneLife Network has two options for you to obtain promotional tokens:

    1. By purchasing a package at the Starter level or higher, a certain number of promotional tokens will be provided. You can see the number of promotional tokens provided per package level on the OneLife website.

    2. Simply by joining the OneLife Network for free and recruiting people to join the OneLife Network, you can earn promotional tokens as well.

    As a note of clarification, tokens are instruments provided by the company on a promotional basis. They provide access to the OneCoin mining pools, but please note that the company does not guarantee that your tokens will mine coins, nor how many coins can be received.

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